Tactical Baton

The expandable baton is basically a short steel stick. It is usually 50-60 cm long. While different types of locks can be used to maintain the baton in its deployed state, we work with a friction lock type of baton.

These days it is very popular among policing forces around the world, and while the force used with it may vary depending on the circumstances – the undeniable truth is that it can save the life of an officer of the law.

It’s capability to change size makes it easy to carry or conceal and provides a wide range of uses first as a Kubotan and when deployed in its full length as a powerful impact weapon. Its nature as a non bladed impact weapon allows for usage of none lethal force, though strong enough to stop any armed assailant. It is most effective when used to strike joints or prominent bones that are not covered by muscle mass. It can also be used two handed to deflect or to strike.

A civilian can find the baton to be a very helpful self defense tool. Given the law constraints, one needs to adjust the strategy of its use in accordance with the law which varies from country to country. Even a rolled up magazine can be used in a very similar fashion as one would use an expandable Baton.

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