The use of small blunt objects in self-defense is highly practical and a legal means for addressing the need to an advantage in a violent confrontation.
The Kubotan (palm stick) can be a tactical pen, broken branch, peace of glass, screw driver or small flashlight to name but a few options.
We train in the use of the Kubotan based on our knife fighting curriculum, and the empty hand fighting curriculum, treating it as a weapon, while understanding the limitations. Evasive head movement , explosive entries, limb destruction , power blocks – to mention a few principles…
Depending on the deployment of the Kubotan, it can be used for thrusting or hammering and raking. Targets will be vital points and places in the body where bones are not covered by muscle such face, scull, neck, ribs…
Extremely important difference is that we do not treat Kubotan as a mere power amplification tool , but as a weapon to be understood. Boxing , silat, and knife combat – all will be learned in order to develop proper skill in this discipline. This is not a magic tool, one has to learn how to deliver the proper shots to disable the opponent and so …defensive aspect must be learned as well. So Kubotan will be used on a regular ACT methodological base, including voids, counter strikes, combinations, footwork, lines of defense and preemptive fight stoppers.

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