It’s crucial to train with different types of knives both to know the nature of the threat and to be able to work with and against all types. That’s why we teach both long bladed knives and shorter versions in our curriculum.

The big knife used in our system is about 30 cm long overall based on military/survival knives but also referring to such a simple tool as a big kitchen knife. The smaller knives taught are folders and shives.

Our knife fighting program covers a wide spectrum of scenarios from full on knife combat, in which both fighters are armed and ready, to an empty hand defense against an armed assault. Improvised weapons or impact amplifiers (kubotans) are taught as well.

We have found that a combination of boxing, Filipino and Russian knife fighting systems and Saber fencing, make for a very practical mixed style, well adjusted to the many scenarios of knife combat.

In our style of fighting we address the long range, the close range, the medium range and the clinch.

A.C.T Weapon Categories