Jo and Cane

The medium staff (120-140 cm) is basically a wooden stick. It is an ancient weapon of the common people and was widely used in all cultures.

A shepherd’s staff, a walking cane or an actual weapon – the uses of a simple stick are numerous, be it to ward off animals or an assailant.This effective tool is extremely versatile yet simple to use in combat both for attack and defense. Its length and flexibility may vary from culture to culture but always there are similarities in its martial application be it Kalaripayattu (India) or Filipino Tapado or a Jogo Do Pau fighting stick (Portuguese).

This weapon though almost intuitive in use, once properly studied can deliver a wide range of attacks. It can be swung two handed as well as single handed, generating great speed and force, causing massive damage on impact.

It’s capable of powerful thrusts and can be applied in both close and long ranges alike. Since it is an impact weapon the main targets are the head, joints, thin bones, and vital targets such as the solar plexus, groin and throat.

A major influence to our medium staff curriculum is Jogo Do Pau, a Portuguese stick fighting system. It is a sophisticated yet easy to learn “no nonsense” fighting method which is battle tested against singe opponent as well as against multiple attackers.

We are also incorporating techniques from Jodo (Japanese martial art that uses the Jo – a medium staff 128 cm long).

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