Every violent confrontation is potentially armed combat, we are a tool using species and live in tool and object rich environments.
The choice to arm ones self is natural and therefor common among people who engage in violence,
For this reason we treat all violent conflicts as armed combat.
However the use of empty hands in combat against armed or unarmed opponents is a reality and does often occur.
To know how to defend effectively against and armed opponent it is important to understand how he fights.
Knife fighting as a practice and skill develops a deep understanding of how one uses a knife to attack and provides a superb training grounds for developing the proper mind set and skill set needed to survive such an event.
When engaging in the practice of knife fighting one develops reflexes and responses which are adjusted for the speed and ease with which a knife is used for attacking. These reflexes of evasive body motion and  deflections are the very same movements we would use were we facing a knife empty handed. ACT’s anti knife work is based on our knife fighting system. The fight algorithm applied in knife fighting serves as the template for our anti knife curriculum and empty hand vs empty hand work as well.

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