2018. Global ACTion for 2018.
ACT seminars & instructor courses planned for 2018. See you there!





South African Tour, open seminars to be held in Johannesburg, followed by an outdoor training Camp. Knife and machete combat , knife defense and improvised weapons.
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak.
Host – Ryan Davies



Israel – 5-th International Gathering.

ADWIC2 – Advanced Weapon Instructor Course level2 (only ADWIC1 graduates )

Street Survival Instructor Course level A1

Open seminars in Short Weapons, Long Weapons, Group Tactics and test preparation (ALL levels).

Teaching: Noah Gross, Alexander Zhelezniak , Michael RyazanovAlexander Brainin. Guest Instructors will be announced.

Belgium, Brussels. 3-nd Short Weapon seminar. Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak.
Host: Ben Hamida Abdelkader

Australia , 3 day workshop, teaching  Noah Gross. Host : Carl Halley(THA Australia)


Holland, Eindhoven. 9-th Short weapons seminar , tactical training. Host : Ruud Metsemakers
Teaching: Alexander Zhelezniak.

Germany, Cologne –SWIC1 Instructor Course and 3-d Short Weapon and knife defense seminar. Host – Krav Mcmap (Sascha Jacobi)
Teaching Alexander Zheleznaik.

Russia – St.Petersburg. Short and Long arsenal. 7-th seminar. Host : Mikhail VatolinAlex Minigalin.
Teacher – Alexander Zhelezniak

Mexico – 3-d Short Weapon seminar and a SWIC1 Instructor Course. Host : Joel Berny.Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak

Australia – 3-d tour. Knife Combat , knife defense. Teaching: Noah Gross.
Host : Carl Halley.


France. SWIC3 instructor course. 7-th Short Weapon seminar. Host: Marc Fesler – Hagana Azmit Krav Maga school
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak