2018. Global ACTion for 2018.
ACT seminars & instructor courses planned for 2018. See you there!




Netherlands, Eindhoffen. Short Weapons Instructor Course level 1 (SWIC1) and an open seminar.
Host Ruud Metsemakers (ACT Holland).
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak

Spain, Madrid. SWIC1 and SWIC2 instructor courses and an open seminar.
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak and Noah Gross.
Host – Jose Rivera.

Austria , Wienna – 2-d Short Weapon seminar. Taught by Noah Gross.
Host – Amin Sarwar


Poland – Short Weapons. 6-th Seminar . SWIC2 instructor course.
Host : Jaroslaw Rogowski.Teaching: Alexander Zhelezniak

Russia,St.Petersburg . SWIC1/2/3 (Short Weapons Instructor Course levels 1/2/3 !).
8-th Short/Long Weapon seminar Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak and Alex Minigalin and Mikhail Vatolin and also Michael Ryazanov.

LWIC2 – Long Weapon Instructor Course, level2.. Taught by Alexander Zheleznaik and Alexander Brainin Alexander (ACT Full Coach, International).
Introductory Instructor Course in Street Survival System by Michael Ryazanov.

ACT Short/Long Weapons seminar/ Street Survival Empty Hands Solutions in Belarus, Minsk. Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak, Alex MinigalinMikhail Vatolin and Michael Ryazanov.
Host – Ilya Murashko.

Portugal – 4-th open seminar. Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak .
Host – Joao Louzeiro .


South African Tour, open seminars to be held in Johannesburg, followed by an outdoor training Camp. Knife and machete combat , knife defense and improvised weapons.
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak.
Host – Ryan Davies

Australia , SWIC1 instructor course run by Noah Gross. Host : Carl Halley(THA Australia)


Israel – 5-th International Gathering.

ADWIC2 – Advanced Weapon Instructor Course level2 (only ADWIC1 graduates )

Street Survival Instructor Course level A1

Open seminars in Short Weapons, Long Weapons, Group Tactics and test preparation (ALL levels).

Teaching: Noah Gross, Alexander Zhelezniak , Michael RyazanovAlexander Brainin. Guest Instructors will be announced.

Belgium, Brussels. 3-nd Short Weapon seminar. Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak.
Host: Ben Hamida Abdelkader


Holland, Eindhoven. 9-th Short weapons seminar , tactical training. Host : Ruud Metsemakers
Teaching: Alexander Zhelezniak.

Germany, Cologne –SWIC1 Instructor Course and 3-d Short Weapon and knife defense seminar. Host – Krav Mcmap (Sascha Jacobi)
Teaching Alexander Zheleznaik.

Russia – St.Petersburg. Short and Long arsenal. 7-th seminar. Host : Mikhail VatolinAlex Minigalin.
Teacher – Alexander Zhelezniak

Mexico – 3-d Short Weapon seminar and a SWIC1 Instructor Course. Host : Joel Berny.Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak

Australia – 3-d tour. Knife Combat , knife defense. Teaching: Noah Gross.
Host : Carl Halley.


France. SWIC3 instructor course. 7-th Short Weapon seminar. Host: Marc Fesler – Hagana Azmit Krav Maga school
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak