We offer three types of seminars

Knife Defense and Tactical Solutions

  1. Knife to knife combat.
  2. Translation of knife combat to realities of street armed confrontation (either side can be  armed).
  3. Empty hand solutions based on knife combat experience.
  4. Defense with improvised weapons and tactical baton.
  5. Extreme Close Quarters with and without a blade.
  6. Teaching the mentality of knife assault to gain understanding of knife defense.
  7. Multiple opponents scenarios (the defender armed, unarmed).

Short weapons

A short weapons seminar may include and cover the following: knife, machete, tactical baton, Improvised weapons (kubotan, umbrella, magazine) and empty hand defense against bladed weapons.

Knife to knife combat . All range fighting Machete (bolo) to machete combat.

Tactical baton on knife (including multiple opponents). Improvised weapons defense (including multiple opponents).

Traditional weapons

Sword (Katana or Longsword), staff  (Jo or Bo) and spear/Polearm (Yari or Naginata).

The approach to combat with these weapons is that of complete realism, which means combat proven.

Seminar Videos

Short weapon fighting seminar, Russia.

Improvised weapons seminar, France.

Multiple opponents seminar, France.

Knife fighting seminar, Netherlands.

Hosting a seminar

Seminars can be exclusive events for one’s organization or they can be open to the public, it depends on the host. Hosting can be done by you and you organization or a joint effort in which two or more entities collaborate.

Seminar format

Seminars are usually done in a two day event format with a total of 12 to 16 hours of training.

Other formats are available.

Costs and terms:

The cost is 1250 EU (introductory seminar) + Air fair, food and lodging (usually for three nights). Lodging can be a hotel or an alternative type of accommodation preferable to the host.

The host will pay for the flight ticket in advance and the seminar fee upon completion of the seminar.



14 + 13 =


Upcoming events 2018

ACT seminars & instructor courses planned for 2018.








South African Tour, open seminars to be held in Johannesburg, followed by an outdoor training Camp. Knife and machete combat , knife defense and improvised weapons.
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak.
Host – Ryan Davies


Israel – 5-th International Gathering.

ADWIC2 – Advanced Weapon Instructor Course level2 (only ADWIC1 graduates )

Street Survival Instructor Course level A1

Open seminars in Short Weapons, Long Weapons, Group Tactics and test preparation (ALL levels).

Teaching: Noah Gross, Alexander Zhelezniak , Michael RyazanovAlexander Brainin. Guest Instructors will be announced.

Belgium, Brussels. 3-nd Short Weapon seminar. Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak.
Host: Ben Hamida Abdelkader

Australia , 3 day workshop teaching Noah Gross. Host : Carl Halley(THA Australia)

Austria , Wienna – 2-d Short Weapon seminar. Taught by Noah Gross.
Host – Amin Sarwar


Holland, Eindhoven. 9-th Short weapons seminar , tactical training. Host : Ruud Metsemakers
Teaching: Alexander Zhelezniak.

Germany, Cologne –SWIC1 Instructor Course and 3-d Short Weapon and knife defense seminar. Host – Krav Mcmap (Sascha Jacobi)
Teaching Alexander Zheleznaik.

Russia – St.Petersburg. Short and Long arsenal. 7-th seminar. Host : Mikhail VatolinAlex Minigalin.
Teacher – Alexander Zhelezniak

Mexico – 3-d Short Weapon seminar and a SWIC1 Instructor Course. Host : Joel Berny.Teaching : Alexander Zhelezniak

Australia – 3-d tour. Knife Combat , knife defense. Teaching: Noah Gross.
Host : Carl Halley.


France. SWIC3 instructor course. 7-th Short Weapon seminar. Host: Marc Fesler – Hagana Azmit Krav Maga school
Taught by Alexander Zhelezniak

Additional seminars and Instructor courses are going to take place in Europe, Russia and Israel .

See you all there!