Combat Spatha Training Knife

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*A minimum order of 6+ simulators is required*

Realistic training demands realistic equipment.

When it comes to knife fighting you want to use what feels and behaves like a real knife, allowing you to really stab, cut and slash without injuring you training partner.

The A.C.T. training knife is as realistic as it gets.



Why the A.C.T.™ Trainer?

  • Best hardness to safety ratio. Means the knife is felt while slicing or stabbing but it does no damage to the tissue. You’ll feel it but you’ll wear the sensation off.
  • The tip is state of the art. All the lines on the blade gather at the tip so that you’ll feel the tiniest of punctures, yet the safety mechanisms will make it non damaging.
  • The same goes for the thinness of the blade. It is an EXTREMELY thin blade, with a realisticlly felt edge.
  • The weight , balance and shape are those of a combat knife, when you wield this trainer it feels like your wielding a knife
  • The Back part of the handle is also protected to avoid injury.


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