A.C.T.  at ICOSS self defense summer camp, Rome

Just came back from the XI International Self Defense Summer Camp 2014 Wkmf-Fkmi-Aspi which toke place in Rome. This is A.C.T.’s fourth year in a row and our second year as technical directors of knife combat for FKMI.

A big thank you to Alessandro Del Pia for the collaboration and organizing such a great event. Also a big thank you to Valerio KM Pappalardo and the members of the Federkravmaga team who helped organize this event, well done friends !
The session I gave covered knife combat in close combat and in the long range, empty hand defense, eye strikes, knife grappling and dealing with a rush including going to the ground.
As part of A.C.T.’s ongoing work with Federkravmaga Italia 2014 marks the beginning of short weapons instructor courses for members of the federation.
Two sessions were dedicated to further training of our Italian instructors.
It was a pleasure for me to work with you guys, thank you for helping during my sessions! Thank you: Marco SabbatiniMatteo C. Akuteam Selfdefence , Marco BuccaDonato Marco OcchilupoFederkravmaga Anzio (Chistian L.),

Last but not least sparing – my thanks and respect to all who crossed blades with me and showing good fighting spirit.
It was a big honor to teach at such a great event alongside great names in the world of Krav Maga .

See you all again next year!

Noah Gross.

icoss 2014 group
icoss 2014 teaching


icoss 2014 instructors 2
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