A.C.T. team was invited to teach at I.C.O.S.S. summer camp in Italy, Riccione.

The gathering is one of the biggest European gatherings for self defense systems and is hosted by World Krav Maga Federation/ KAPAP Israel.

Italy 2010

There were teachers from Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Israel. The instructors presented Sambo and Karate, KAPAP and Krav Maga, empty hands and weapons, even a kettle bell lesson and much more. About 150 participants. A week of training. And a great beach to
relax for the weary…What can one say…Perfect set up.

Our team (Alex Zhelezniak and Noah Gross) taught the short weapons curriculum – knife and machete fighting, kubotan program , Multiple opponents scenarios and a bit of a medium staff to give a full contact taste of a baseball bat to finish it off. A bit of a bat if you will!

The material was very well received and the participants were very busy trying to give back to the instructors the exact things learned and with as much force and speed as possible. Sufficient to say, that those three days of training were tiresome, bruising and extremely rewarding.

One thing that can be said about this event -no technique was untested. Everything was looked at through rigorous sparring or full on assaults to see WHAT WORKS.

We had a wonderful time and it must be said that the hospitality was overwhelming.

Our thanks for being such gracious hosts to Alessandro del Pia the head of Federkravmaga And of course his wife Antonella

Thank you Moshe Galisko for inviting us and making this trip happen.

Lorenzo Florio, Livio and Claudio Parmelli, Massimo Tarantino, Michele Mico Burlando, Vishal Misha Poonye Ciro Lenti and many other instructors and fighters thanks for a great time, for your help and your friendship, the event could not have been as successful without your support and fighting spirit.

A great honor to teach beside such instructors as Alain Formaggio, J. Michel Lerho, Alex Vanderlinden, Serge Serfati, Herve Gendelman, Stephanie Dumont and Martine Collard.

A most surprising yet enjoyable thing happened during the event…One of the instructors having experienced a full contact bout with a Jo (a medium staff) went away for a minute and came back with a …bokken (a wooden katana), and a beautifully crafted one at that. Now since we in ACT do a lot of swordsmanship training we were really excited to find even at such “hard core” self defense event a fellow swordsman and we hope that next time we might have some time to fight with the katana as well.

In a nutshell – well met, well fought, well done!