ACT team (Alex Zhelezniak and instructors) were invited to teach at former CSSD Israel (known today as ICS – Israeli Combat Systems) School.
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet, teach and train with veterans from the oldest and biggest FMA school in Israel, with reality based orientation and no BS approach. Alex Zhelezniak had studied for a while with Yuval Nahamkin and Guy Rafaeli, ICS teachers and it was a rare treat to come back and showcase the ACT system to old teachers and their students.

The seminar concentrated on the knife and machete work in the long range, mainly using real time sparring applications and the ACT concepts for different fighting modes. The training was intense as was the sparring session in which students and teachers alike took place. Great friendly atmosphere and seasoned weapon fighters, what more could one ask for? The event was topped by introducing some European swordsmanship (Alex’s passion) and a battle against multiple opponents.

Great event for everybody and in a sense a defining moment for ACT as it is crucial to test the system in every aspect against experts in their respective fields. The ICS school stands for highest standard of CQC and short weaponry and that is what made this invitation so special.

A big thank you to Guy and Yuval and to all the students that participated and, of course, to our team: Tal Merkel and Saar Nudel.