Odessa, Ukraine (30-31 March), Moscow, Russia (1-3 April) Arkhangelsk. 2013
The trip to Russia and Ukraine was amazing. The results are unbelievable.

We have opened representations in St.Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. The groups in Moscow and Odessa show great progress in fighting abilities and understanding of both short and long weaponry.

The hospitality – heartwarming LITERALLY , I will never forget the Northern Sauna, Lord help me :); can’t wait to come back there.

The seminars focused on getting in and out of close range, multiple opponents , engaging first and overwhelming the opponents with the knife.
For the Long weapons we focused on feints and and range alteration to draw the opponent out and expose his weaknesses , the “chinks in the armor” , so to speak.
Also for the first time in Moscow we taught a master class on Bayonet fighting and we did in in the snow which made it so much more realistic! Amazing experience my hat is off for the fighting spirit of the participants and the effort put in this by the organizers: Andrey Stovbun, Michael Ryazanov, Юрий Копыченков, Олег Шишкин and Alexander Alex Krasnoperov with Mihail Mikhail Grechischev. I can’t thank you enough guys. Till we meet again …Fight as you teach and teach as you fight!