Seminars and a SWIC 1 in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Rostov

Back from Russia. Defrosting.
Good to be home but great to have met old friends and new students!
It was a tough tour – 3 seminars and a level 1 Short Weapon Instructor Course (SWIC).

We would like to congratulate Oleg Shishkin and Michael Ryazanov for becoming Short weapon Level 3 ACT instructors and, of course Пётр Михеев for becoming our first ACT Full Coach in Russia having passed his Sword examination as well as short weapon curriculum. We are honored to have you guys as senior teaching staff in Moscow.
Level 1 instructors now working in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Rostov.


A new ACT level 1 instructor from Poland is joining our ranks – Pavlo Gorbatiuk. ACT Poland is on the map , we are now in 9 countries , hope to close 10 before the year is out.
Great fighters have attended our seminars in several cities, representatives of Russian knife schools, Filipino MA, MMA and Sambo, Hapkido and Boxing, Law Enforcement and VIP protection.

Material covered:
Breaking opponent’s intent. Knife and machete.
Fighting 2 opponents. Armed and unarmed.
Advanced combinations – knife.
Sword – double feints.
Tactics when fighting a group of opponents.




We are truly honored. Well met and well fought!