Oct  2011, Russia, Moscow – Second short weapon seminar

Well, I am back from Russia , Moscow. 2 seminars. 1 – short weaponry (knife , machete and kubotan). 2- Nothing but Katana :).The hospitality – overwhelming. The participants – tough as nails and for some reason very blood thirsty :). Great company, great fights, great food and great weapons. I don’t think I have seen so much live steel even on Cold Steel DVD :). A big , huge thank you goes to all the fighters and all the guys

that helped make this happen.

Many thanks to ACT Russia Team of instructors : Michael Ryazanov (my gracious host and ACT Moscow Director), Petr Miheev and Oleg Shishkin. Without you guys this would not be happening and my thanks and admiration goes to you for your friendship , trust and respect. I am honored to know you and to be a part of your life.

To all the fighters – thank you for your combat spirit , for your willingness to learn and for challenging every belief that I have , you are my source of experience and the best teacher I could have.


A very special thank you goes out to Dmitry Zadernovskiy , an extremely talented knife fighter and a gifted and experienced teacher. Thanks so much for participating and contributing from your experience. Our dialogue was very important and thought provoking.

I am probably going to be back there in April or May 2012, well if the world doesn’t collapse on us that is:). But safe that doom’s day scenario – it is on!

The videos are going to follow shortly , just let me have a week to work on them :).

Until we meet again – Fight as you teach and Teach as you Fight!