So the seminar in Vigo has come and gone but the memories and feelings are still fresh.

Happy tired faces at the end of two intense days of ACT training covering knife work, improvised weapons and Machete.

It was an honor and pleasure to teach at SKM Spain, you all trained hard and showed great fighting spirit. Having sparred with you, I can testify that the progress in your fighting skills was…felt, to say the least!

I could not have asked for a nicer group of hard training people. My gratitude and appreciation to Felipe, the ever gracious host, you all made me feel at home and part of the SKM Spain family.

So Again, Maria thanks for lending me your home.

Truly cannot thank you enough, Mariett for all your help. Lupe who suffered my LIGHT speed of talking while she translated and all of you who participated, thank you from the bottom of my heart. As my partner Alex Zhelezniak says: ” well met, well fought, well done!” – sums it up the best.