October 2013, Breda, Netherlands

Right. Back from Holland tour. I think… No, I am positive I am in one peace, still checking though.

About a 100 fighters. Average height, what 1.90? Goodness me, what do you guys eat?!
Amazing experience: fighters from Holland and Belgium, Russia and Spain, Israel and France… Thank you all, I am overwhelmed, I really am.
Knife combat, machete fighting, improvised weapons, empty hand vs knife solutions, extreme close quarters and sparring – sparring – sparring. We fight ALL the attendants on the floor, always.
New level of understanding achieved, fighting skills honed, knife awareness attained, respect for the blade – acquired.
Speed, reflexes, timing and, of course, tactics – covered.


Thank you Mario Loeffen, you are an amazing host, a true fighter, a gifted knifer and all around best guy to have on your side, because Lord help us if you are ever against us. You made this happen and it is a true honor to be represented by you.

Thank you ACT instructor team and trainees for being there, for learning, for helping so much for making this a truly international event of great proportions. For fighting and for giving your best. Thank you: Tomer GiladSkm SpainYuval GergesAlex Krasnoperov, Timothy-Tony HuysmansMikhail Grechischev.
Thank you Noah Gross, the one and only, my true partner in crime, you held the line with me and it makes all the difference in the world.
Jacintha Overman, thank you for your hospitality and your warmth – unforgettable.

Thank you, Alex Kuiper, for putting together a seminar at Combat Contact school, what a wonderful group of students you have, and a true meaning of full contact.

Thank you, Sasha Sascha Del Sal, for being there and for believing in what we do.

Thank you fighters, you honor us by your skill and dedication, by your willingness to learn and to challenge us, we learn from you and that why we are confident when we are saying:

Fight as you teach, teach as you fight.

Until we meet again.