ACT (Alex Zhelezniak and instructors) team gave a seminar at the Jerusalem branch of Wingeit institution’s instructor course. Haim Cohen – the head of the “Hitgonenut Rehov” (Street defense) school was the chief instructor at this course and was kind enough to bring ACT instructors to teach as a part of his program. The event concentrated on knife fighting, machete, kubotan and empty hand defense against a knife and some full contact Jo (medium staff) bouts to finish the seminar. The trainees were representing, Krav Maga, Karate, Hitgonenut Rehov, Kong Fu and it was a real challenge but also a lot of fun to teach to such a diverse audience.

Our thanks to Haim who understands the importance of making a martial arts instructor aware of all the aspects of modern hand to hand fighting, be it striking, grappling or weapons.
Big thanks to ACT instructors: Tal Merkel and Alex Olbinski who helped teaching at the event and fought ALL the participants for hours. Testimony to your skill and stamina guys – well done.
To all the trainees – ACT team thanks you for your fighting spirit for your praise and understanding and we hope, no, we know that all of you are going to be a force in martial arts and a pride to your respective teachers, schools and your students.
Until we meet again!