January 2011, France, Chatou –

seminar in short and improvised weapons and staff.

Alexander Zhelezniak was invited to give a seminar at a Krav Maga school in France (Hagana Azmit) led by Marc Fesler. Mark is a fighter and a teacher with 40 years of MA experience: Jujitsu, Sambo, Krav Maga and it was a great honor to have been invited by him.




We would like to thank Marc Fesler and his team as well as Patrick Benfredj and his team for participating and organizing this event. My thanks to all the participants for being great, tough, intelligent fighters and students, and for the unique event, warm and homey atmosphere and for the friendship. But the “warm” feeling didn’t just come from the hospitality and great welcome, no Sir! There was quite a bit sweating involved and of course nice, warm “glowing” feeling after being hit and hit and then hit again (Marc, Patrice, Raphael, Cathy, Nicolas thank for the bruises).The training was exhausting (not just for you guys, I assure you!).Both Marc and I were completely depleted afterwards; you guys are machines, my hat off to you. But it was absolutely impossible to stop.

This event has opened a new phase for A.C.T. school as Marc and his students have decided to bring A.C.T. weapon curriculum to their school and we are now building a joint curriculum. Marc is going to be an A.C.T. representative in France and for that we thank him and are honored to have him as a friend and colleague.