June 2011, Alex and I were excited and looking forward to the upcoming weekend seminar

which was to be the second event hosted by Marc Fesler, head of Hagana Azmit.

It has been a pleasure working with Marc on integrating A.C.T.’s short weapon combat

curriculum into Marc School and self defense system.

The theme for this event was Recognition in armed combat. This means, developing the ability to recognize the attacks in real time and match the proper effective response.

The two days were intense with hard work and hard sparring shown by all.

Marc’s 40 students in attendance and 10 guests from Belgium and Holland were a serious group of martial artists and made it a wonderful experience for us to teach at this event.

The material covered mostly short weapons such as Knife, Machete, improvised weapons and empty hand versus knife. We feel that a better understanding of weaponry in general has been achieved and that all went away better fighters. With clear vision of what a weapon can do and what can be done against a weapon. It was evident that the training with the knife between these two events (January and June) was paying off and that many of you have come to this seminar well prepared. There is no better way to see this then in actual combat and many of you gave us hard times in sparring for which we can only be grateful and applaud you for the effort.


Raffael – well fought, the improvement in evident and the tactical vision of yours increased dramatically.

Xavier – very , very well done. Extremely difficult to catch you and the fight with you was definitely one of the hardest for me (Alex J).

Alain – great clinches, man, loved working with you in close quarters, difficult and tough. The shots you scored were well earned , our respect.

Dennis and Mathias. Thank you for the great fight, and great spirit.

Salim – 0-0 is a victory , you know what I mean !

All of you who crossed blades with us – many thanks and much respect!


Having Daniel Quarta and his team participate added to the fighting spirit and brought in their own flavor of fighting, Many thanks to them and looking forward to seeing them again in the winter event.


Meeting Martial artists from diverse backgrounds is one of many benefits of doing such events, and having Krav Maga instructor Fred Heins of Holland attend was a pleasure. There is something to be learned from every person.


This event would not have been the success it was were it not for the impeccable job done by Marc Fesler, hats off to you, truly impressive job in putting on such a well attended and smoothly run event. Looking forward to our continued work together, it is an honor to work with you.


Our thanks and gratitude go to Raphael for translating when needed and to all the rest of you on your hard work and very warm welcome, making us feel part of the Hagana Azmit family, Simone, Nicola, Xavier, Moricio, Patrick, Mathias, Carole, Benjamin, Alain, Philippe, Cedric, Salim, Rafael, Denis  and Kathy (next time, no injuries , yes?!) and each and every one of you who attended, thanks and see you soon.
Take care of your weapons and they will take care of you!


Well Met Well fought,

Team A.C.T. (Noah and Alex)