July 2010 ACT team was honored to be invited to present the system in Tolmin, Slovenia at the 3-d Warrior Tribes summer camp. The event is dedicated mostly to weapon fighting and all things related to knife and stick fighting in general. Hand to hand combat is of course not overlooked but the heart of the event is weapon combat….Read more.

It was such an honor and privilege to work side by side and learn from such teachers as Mark Denny, Borut Kincl, Yuval Nahamkin, Jon Escudero and Amit Porat.

Warrior Tribes July 2010

The team was represented by Noah Gross and Alexander Zhelezniak (chief instructors), Tal Merkel (instructor Israel), Nathan Shallcross (instructor UK) and his brother Neil and of course Naomi …

The material presented by our school included knife combat in 4 ranges and transition from range to range while gaining tactical advantage. Some bolo counter attacks were taught as well as basic work with the medium staff (Jo).

The last but not least, team ACT participated in the Tribal challenge in bolo fighting and Nathan Shallcross (ACT UK) came out triumphant as a competition first place taker, power and respect to him from all of us. He displayed some great counter techniques executed with exquisite timing and precision as well as tremendous warrior spirit, fighting despite two injuries. All of that done with his usual modest smile and cheerful demeanor, he truly left a mark during and after the event. Our hats off to him!

One extremely important point regarding the competitions,the judges were spectacular! Borut and Matej, we were absolutely overwhelmed by your effort and success to make this competition fair and smoothly run. You have put a lot of thought in the rules and the point system and the event ran well and was conducted in a gentleman way. A true testimony to fighting spirit and it was great fun. Simply great.

Many thanks to the hosts: Borut Kincl sensei, Ervin Kazič and Igor Bajsić, and Matej Mavsar and many others.

We were fortunate enough to meet with great guys in general and tough fighters to boot, well met you guys : Dragan Milojevic, Igor Sucevic, Loraszko Gabor, the whole Gog Brothers team, Marko Skube and of course the one and only O.G. (original gagsta :)) .

Personal note (Alex Zhelezniak) :
Awesome, awesome experience. To meet fighters from 10 different countries to cross blades and sticks with so many wonderful martial artists equally passionate about weapon combat, to learn from it all and to be able to teach at such a great stage was truly unforgettable.