short and long weapons seminar, Archangelsk, Russia.

Back from Russia. 2-nd time in Arkhangelsk.
35 fighters. Man, Russians are relentless. Hours upon hours of sparring.
Oh , yeah , sure, there was instruction, but you’d think they will take your word for it …Nope.
Prove it. Fight as you Teach …or shut up. Nothing is taken for granted , all is tested through combat. For which they have my thanks.
That is how ACT was born and formed into what it is today.
Knife and machete, sword and stick. Material: preemptive striking, response time reduction, counters and counters against counters. Multiple opponents. Fighting in confined space.
Technique – more clean , more efficient, polishing it till it works. Then implementing it in fighting. The progress was evident!

Many thanks to Alex Krasnoperov (ACT Arkhangelsk) for putting this event together. To Mikhail Grechischev (ACT Arkhangelsk) for helping , for the hospitality and assisting. To Alex Minigalin (ACT St.Petersburg) andMikhail Vatolin (ACT St.Petersburg) for your help and assistance .

Thanks to all the fighters, you honor us !
Fight as you Teach and Teach as you Fight.
See you soon guys!

Alexander Zhelezniak


Archangelsk 2014 group 2
Archangelsk 2014 katana


Archangelsk 2014 swords
Archangelsk 2014 krasnoperov