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Battle Brotherhood - March of Veterans

The world’s leading veterans’ organizations, together with a team of community leaders and business people, and will continue to do the tradition of military brotherhood, have developed a unique comprehensive international project called «Battle Brotherhood». The project is planned to launch the International circumnavigation march of veterans “Combat Brotherhood» – «Battle Brotherhood. The International Round-the-World March of Veterans ».

To date, this initiative has been supported by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the World Veterans Federation to the United Nations (WVF), and a number of veterans organizations and public institutions in Russia, CIS and the world, such as the POW-MIA (National League of Families of prisoners of war and missing lead), VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars USA), Department of Veterans Affairs Canada, the French Ministry of Defence and other organizations.

The mission of the Action is to draw public attention to the problems and social rehabilitation of war veterans, the disabled, and the perpetuation of the memory of the dead and missing soldiers.