Armed Combat and Tactics is a full contact weapon fighting system

We teach the practical use of both tactical and traditional weapons and empty hand self defense all under one cohesive fight algorithm

Weapon Categories

We teach modern weapons as well as a more traditional arsenal and combine ideas and concepts from both Asian and western martial arts. Our curriculum encompasses 7 core weapons, improvised weapons, and Empty hand self-defense. The 7 weapons taught as part of our curriculum are Knife, Machete, Katana and Two-handed sword, Spear, Medium staff and Tactical baton.

Worldwide A.C.T Chapters

Chapter: Israel

Chapter: Belarus (no gmap, no flag)

Chapter: Portugal (no gmap)

Portugal ACT Chapter

Chapter: Austria

Chapter: Belgium

Chapter: Bulgaria (no flag)

Chapter: Canada

Chapter: Czech Republic (no flag)

Chapter: France

Chapter: Germany (no flag)

Chapter: Italy

Chapter: Mexico

Chapter: Poland

Chapter: Russia

Chapter: South Africa

Chapter: Spain

Chapter: USA

Chapter: Australia (no flag)

Chapter: Netherlands (no flag)