Noah Gross

Chief instructor and co-founder of Armed Combat and Tactics school.

Noah has been training in martial arts for 40 years.
He trained under many distinguished teachers, among them Doron Navon, Mark Davis, and Moty Nativ, Michael Ryazanov and Alex Zhelezniak. Noah holds the rank of 6th dan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Advance Weapon Instructor in ACT. Over the last 20 years Noah has delved into combat systems focused on the use of weapons such as Western renaissance martial arts, Arnis and Historical Kapap stick fighting, Armed Combat and Tactics, Kenjutsu, Jogo Du Pao.Noah is also a martial arts historian specializing in the history of hand to hand combat in Pre-state Israel and has published a book on the subject in 2010. Since 2004 Noah has been part of the formation and development of A.C.T. – armed combat and tactics.