A.C.T Fighting System

A.C.T. is an Israeli, full contact weapon fighting and self defense system , developed by Alexander Zhelezniak and Noah Gross. It was formalized and introduced to the world wide community 15 years ago. The system has been presented and taught (seminars , courses) in about 20 countries. A.C.T. is being taught on a regular basis in 15 countries up to date.

A.C.T. is about giving the student the tools to handle himself/herself in combat with and against weapons.

Translation? We teach people how to fight with weapons and effectively defend against them, whether the student is armed or unarmed.

The main idea is that if you want to learn how to fight, you’d better include just that in your training – fighting.

You could learn how to handle a weapon by practicing the same movements over and over again but you can’t become a fighter until you fight a committed opponent. No amount of kata or exercises will prepare you for that. While teaching you what to do with the weapon, repeating pre set patterns alone will not give you the answer of how to apply the learned material in combat.

Closing the distance, maintaining the distance, feinting attacks, reading your opponent, charging, evading, timing, control, speed, power, agility of the mind as well as that of the body, the simple, yet all important matter of overcoming your fear while your opponent is trying to take your head off, stab you or break your bones – all of these can not be taught without rigorous sparring with as few limitations as possible.


 THAT is what A.C.T. is all about.


You can’t be sure, that you actually know what you are doing, until you have fought against a committed opponent who is trying to hit you as hard as possible. Everything taught is tested through sparring and pressure scenarios and we provide the conditions for these to be as realistic as it gets.

A key component in creating the proper testing grounds is the use of accurate weapons simulators. Our weapon simulators – trainers allow us to practice actual combat with minimal protection (extremely important) while maintaining the proper weight, size, balance and the very shape of the simulator with respect to the weapon it represents.

We teach modern weapons as well as a more traditional arsenal and combine ideas and concepts from both Asian and western martial arts. Our curriculum encompasses 7 core weapons, improvised weapons and Empty hand self defense. The 7 weapons taught as part of our curriculum are: KnifeMacheteKatana and Two handed swordSpearMedium staff and Tactical baton.