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Sergio Lopez

Chief instructor at AK – ACT & Krav Maga Madrid .



“ACT’s PRACTIC program provided me with a better understanding of fighting with weapons. And through that, I’m a better fighter (also with empty hands).
The course gives an incredible training methodology, easily transferred to Krav Maga or any other discipline.

Also it helped my school a lot because most of the students love ACT drills and the possibility of sparring almost from the first lesson. Since I have included ACT contents and methodology in my classes, the number of students has increased a lot.
Thanks Alex and Noah!!”




Mario Loeffen

Director of Edge solutions, has been practicing martial arts for nearly 30 years and has extensive experience in many systems both traditional and modern
including :Kuntao, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Pancrase and Krav-Maga.
Mario is a independent security consultant with 25 years of experience, providing companies with advice and training.

“As a security professional, I deal with violence on a daily basis.
Due to a personal incident in 1992, were I was worked over with a box cutter I was looking for a good system to handle those situation well.

I’ve practiced Kun-Tao, Kapap, Krav Maga, and dabbled with systems like Systema and other fancy looking styles to fill the gap in my bladed defenses until 2012.
Nothing really gave me the confidence that I needed.

An active Special Forces friend of mine pointed me towards ACT.
Alexander Zhelezniak, and Noah Gross the founders of ACT, came to the Netherlands and gave me a private introduction. For people that don’t know me, you’ve got to break my thick skull to impress me. And that’s what Alexander nearly did with me. After a perfectly executed machete strike to the top of my skull I was sold. No choreographing, no fancy moves, no ego, just a great system and skillset. The knife and improvised weaponry approaches are unbelievable and now I believe I already can survive a bladed attack. Perhaps I will get cut, but I will be able to gain the upper hand and subdue the attacker(s) if I keep to the ACT scenario’s and put in my training hours.

After 2 seminars I was so hooked that I’ve entered PRACTIC, the Short weapon instructor course and gathered a group of 12, and counting, of instructor students from the Netherlands and Belgium.
We are training on a weekly basis and can see the system starting to influence everything. The way we move, the mindset, the didactic, everything feels right.
For the reality self-defense community ACT is a valuable addition and a system on its own. In the Netherlands, and Belgium even more so, it’s catching on and almost every organization has joined an ACT seminar or have seen video’s or photo’s passing by. In a few more years ACT will be commonly available in the big Dutch cities and I’m very proud to have joined this band of brethren that love to fight and share the knowledge. We’ve trained with our Spanish, French, Belgium, Russian, Polish and Israeli ACT brothers and sisters and they are all great people en tremendous fighters.

My best regards and perhaps we will cross blades soon.
Happy stabbing and fight as you teach and teach as you fight.”

Eburon Logo

Timothy Tony-Huysmans

Chief instructor at Eburon street-fighting.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that ACT is the most complete weapons-based system I know.

From an improvised weapon like a pen to the ancient weapons we all know and love from our childhood when we dreamt of being knights or samurai with noble quest and beautiful princesses to rescue.

Finding a good realistic weapons based system is like trying to find gold in a pile of manure. You have to wade through a lot of “muck” before you find something worthwhile.

I knew ACT from the famous youtube videos where they sparred with the special designed spata knives witch intrigued me. So when there was a seminar in the neighboring country Holland for the first time I decided to go and see for myself what they were all about. I decided then and there that I would train with ACT.

Training with armed combat and tactics was probably one of the smartest decisions I ever made. It hasn’t only changed my perception of weapon fighting and defense. It changed my view of unarmed combat as well. They also thought me not just how to teach the system and drills but also how to be a better teacher in general.

And it opened a whole new world of weapon fighting that was closed to me before. I started my journey to know how to defend myself and my students against the knife. Know I’m training with the ancient weapons of my fore fathers like the staff and longsword.

You shouldn’t train in ACT just for the self-defense, the martial arts, the amazing tactics, the insight, the history or the insane amount of knowledge they cram into you.

You should do it because it is a tremendous amount of fun”


Zouler Moshe

Senior Bujinkan Ninjutsu instructor.

After 33 years of martial arts is now devoting his time to treating people through the Feldenkrais method.

“Imagine a situation in which a visitor enters a Dojo full of people who have been training for 20 years, and performs 100 bouts against them wining 95 of them with ease.

This is exactly what happened when Alex came to our club.

There is no doubt that in the realm of fighting with bladed weapons, the system Alex developed is one of the best if not the best.

Alex has an openness to learn from any person, and ability to analyze situations and find practical solutions, investing thought and in its footsteps hours of training to make it applicable in fighting.

What he dose is the closest one can come to fighting using safe sparring simulators. In addition and perhaps the most important is his excitement and joy of creating the system.

I have no doubt that, were I to continue my path in the world of martial arts I would engage diligently in this system.”


Eyal Weiss

Kendo & Iaido 3rd dan

“For almost 20 years, I have practiced, and taught, the traditional martial arts of the Japanese sword. These arts provide great understanding of fencing and fighting techniques, mainly in their traditional context, but being ‘classical’, they are dogmatic in form and reason.

Since my personal interest in the sword is also practical, I have occasionally participated in ACT seminars in the last couple of years, and loved every minute of it!

To me, ACT is not a system, it is an Idea. Martial and fighting systems are, by definition, a reflection of a given culture, a time frame in history, type of weapon, strategic thought, etc. ACT does not limit itself to any dogma or perception. It is based on a simple idea – to collect, synthesize and adopt what works, and neglect what is inefficient or no longer relevant. ACT’s founders and instructors are driven by this idea, thus they are very effective, practical, and will surely continue to be so. ACT founder, Alex Zhelezniak, is a real sword master, with a passion and dedication that contribute to his teaching abilities. Last but not least – the ACT fighting experience is loads of FUN.

Where else can you parry a broadsword, strike your opponent’s head, lose your leg, and walk away with a big smile 🙂

I’d recommend the ACT experience to anyone interested in swordsmanship, no BS approach and the joy of fighting…”


Moshe Galisko

President and Senior trainer of Kapap Israel organization.

8th Dan Shotokan Karate

“I see it as a pleasant duty to express in writing my heart felt thoughts and views of two martial artists, Noah Gross and Alex Zhelezniak.

I have been acquainted with Noah since the early 1990’s when he was a member of the international Budo Academy and it is he who introduced me to his friend and the co founder of the system, Alex.

The first time I was exposed to their special style of fighting with weapons both short and long,

I was surprised by the simplicity, soundness and realistic approach to armed combat. It was something very new, fresh and easy to understand and apply. As someone who has been practicing martial arts for more than 45 years I saw fit to invite them to present their system, A.C.T. – Armed Combat and Tactics, in the Kapap organzation I head, and to bring them to Europe to have this simple yet beautiful weapon fighting system seen and known. And so I did and was not wrong, their system was welcomed and well received in both the Kapap and Krav Maga organizations in Europe and I believe this is only the beginning.”


Haim Cohen

Founder and head of Hitgoneneut Rehov system.

Instructors course Coordinator – college for physical education, Wingate institute.

7th Dan Pankration.

Certefied instructor of Krav Maga and Tae kwando.

“Thank you for an amazingly high quality lesson in the field of weapons combat.

As the coordinator of the martial arts instructors’ course I’d like to thank you personally and in the name of the course participants.

The lesson itself like the amazing weapon simulators you’ve created provided an outstanding training experience and made it possible to take the training to the ‘edge’.”


Yosi Sheriff

Head of Akban Budo Ninjutsu Academy

“Several years ago on my journey in martial arts I crossed paths with that of Alexander Zhelezniak, founder of A.C.T. – armed combat and tactics school. This is also how I came to meet Noah Gross, senior instructor in this system. Since then I have managed to study the use of the European sword with Mr. Zhelezniak and to experience fighting with many other weapons (such as Jo, Katana, Machete).

The quality of ACT’s know-how in weapons fighting compelled me to open a training group for my senior students in Jerusalem under the instruction of Mr. Zhelezniak. Both Mr. Zhelezniak (ACT) and my self (AKBAN) as heads of our systems, work in the same field off combining ancient traditions with modern approach and research. At this juncture a spark is struck, a spark that revives a body of knowledge centuries old. Mr. Zhelezniak and his co-founder Noah Gross have been very successful at this. Bringing back to life European combat tradition and gaining new and profound knowledge of Oriental combat traditions by uncompromising combat training and dedication to the field we both work in. It is uncommon to find such profound practical knowledge as is reflected in Mr. Zhelezniaks fighting abilities.

All of these make for one of the most fascinating and innovative places to train in martial arts, world wide – the A.C.T school.”


Ralph Grasso

Retired NYPD/DSS, certified in close combat and marine corps Jiu jitsu under Charles Nelson, 2nd Dan in Nippon Goshindo Jiu jitsu and CQC certified under Carl Cestari, extensive experience in Philapino martial arts.

“I have been enjoying ACT’s clips — the knife machete clips are very good and employ the best examples of using largo mano and a principle called elastico to break into close quarters ranges — well thought out.”


Ran Sudai

4th Dan, Jujitsu instructor.

“My name is Ran Sudai and I have been practicing Jujitsu since 1997.

As a person dedicated to the practice of combat in a manner that is as close as possible to reality and testing that knowledge through full contact, I’d like to recommend the A.C.T. system to anyone who is interested in acquiring knowledge and skill in weapon combat. It is a modern system which deals with bladed and impact weapons and draws on a variety of sources while constantly testing what works and what does not work in combat.

The full contact bouts (a part of the training curriculum) are conducted with the aid of unique simulators, possessing the weight and balance of the original weapons, which allow the trainee to practice full contact fighting in a safe manner which is very different from training with other types of equipment .

I was acquainted with the system for the first time during martial arts forum gathering. Alexander Zhelezniak, the system founder had given a demo class which has given me a first glimpse of the system and its practical approach. Since then I have experienced the system several times and every time it was clear how much more there is to learn about armed combat. The seriousness of those leading the system and their commitment to advancing it, which includes free sparring as part of their regular training with weapon simulators used by the school and the methodology they have developed, enable anyone who desires to acquire practical combative knowledge, to study in the most realistic and the safest way possible.

My warm recommendation and wishes of success to the system leaders.”


Yona Melnik

8th dan judo, one of the pioneers of Judo in Israel with multiple international and national titles in competitions, national and European Judge.

“I first heard about your system from Noah when he came to talk with me about his book about the history of Kapap and Krav Maga. As a result of this meeting after my curiosity had been aroused, I invited you to present your system to my students participating in “Budokan martial arts journey” designed for young Jews in the Diaspora.

I was impressed with the presentation of the subject matter and with your unique training methodology. The system teaches students the use of the weapons to deal with different scenarios while taking the training very close to the level of real confrontations. An approach reminiscent of the randori approach in Judo, and enables to develop a high level of combative skill.

I wish you much success in the future.”



Sascha Del Sal

Chief instructor and founder of CQFS – Close Quarters Fighting System.

“After a career in different styles of martial arts, armed styles and empty hand, ACT is a revelation due to the fact that they implement the most important ingredient out there on the market of so called fighting systems…..Combat Integrity….does what I do work? And as an Instructor you have to ask yourself the question, does what I teach work?
ACT is built on the platform of our flinch response, so it is natural and therefore you can trust your training to create a blueprint that does work in a stress environment. For that reason ACT is a system,  that gives you the algorithms to develop your skills in actual combat.”