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By Noah Gross

Seminar in Rome – Knife and Improvised Weapons

On 18, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Past Events | By Noah Gross


January Rome
I’d like to thank Alessandro Del Pia, president of Federkravmaga, for organizing and hosting this event. It was a great honor to teach 40 instructors and students who attended the event.

The seminar topic was ACT 101 – Understanding the knife, covering knife vs knife, improvised weapons vs knife and empty hand vs knife, and to top it off – Machete fighting. Everyone displayed a good fighting spirit and the progress was evident by the end of the seminar. A lot of time was devoted to understanding the mentality of street assault and ways of dealing with it.
Thank you Livio Parmelli, Cristian, Perluigi, and Essam Eldabbah for translating. Mateo, Essam, Luigi Esposito and many of you for being demo partners and taking my punishment with a smile, some of you coming back for more. On the second day I was honored to have sifu Alessandro Colonnese and sifu Andrea Citarelil participate in the training as well as the beautiful wife of Ricardo Pacifici (president of the Jewish community in Rome). Luca Mussi, Nello Vaudi, Massimiliano Proietti, Massimo Rosatella, Lavinia, Enzo, Lino and Carla Bellusci, Maoro Salla, Antonello Pirovano, Massimo and Mattia de Angelis and everyone else who attended and gave their time and effort. I wish to thank all of you for making this happen. I look forward to meeting again soon; see you all in the 10° international self defense summer camp!


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