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By Noah Gross

First A.C.T. Short weapon seminar in Belgium

On 16, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Past Events | By Noah Gross

A.C.T.  Short weapon seminar in Belgium

Seminar in Belgium done . Sad to leave but it was wonderful to be there!
Hospitality and warmth and laughter…These guys sure know how to have fun , let me tell ya!
I wish to thank Luc Van Laere, thank you for this chance,  for bringing the students , for setting it in motion and for the welcome I received. I am honored to have met you.
Sascha Del Sal, one of the toughest  guys I have ever met. You made this happen and for that I am grateful. Also teaching you taught me a lot and so – thanks man.
Timothy-Tony Huysmans, my non stop assistant , thank you for being there every minute, helping , I am blown away.
Mario Loeffen, for making that trip , A.C.T.  Holland is in the house! Thanks for supporting us man, and I will see you in October my friend!
All the fighters of EKMA , thank you for being there, giving your all , you did your school proud, and I am too proud to have met you all!
Thank you and see you soon!

Alexander Zhelezniak


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