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Armed Combat and Tactics is a full contact weapon fighting system
We teach the practical use of both tactical and traditional weapons
groups, seminars and more



Tactical Baton and Improvised Weapons

Japanese and European Long Sword

Jo and Cane

Yari and naginata

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Upcoming events 2016

20th September 2014 By Noah Gross

ACT seminars & instructor courses planned for 2016.

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New A.C.T. chapters and instructors world wide

19th September 2014 By Noah Gross

We are proud to and honored to have Marc Fesler and his team Hagana Azmit as official partners in France.

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Kubotan,knife fighting, machete, staff- Armed Combat & Tactics

All the techniques done in full speed in actual sparring. If you want to take some one down in knife combat – take him down and take him out. But stay on your feet of you can!

“After a career in different styles of martial arts, armed styles and empty hand, ACT is a revelation due to the fact that they implement the most important ingredient out there on the market of so called fighting systems…..Combat Integrity….”

Sasch Del Sal, chief instructor and founder of CQFS.

ninjitzu“Imagine a situation in which a visitor enters a Dojo full of people who have been training for 20 years, and performs 100 bouts against them wining 95 of them with ease. This is exactly what happened when Alex came to our club.”

Zouler Moshe, Senior Bujinkan Ninjutsu instructor.

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“Stab, cut and slash without injuring you training partner. It is as realistic as it gets”

P.R.A.C.T.I.C — Personal A.C.T. Instructors Course

Introductory Course • Short Weapons Instructor • Long Weapons Instructor • A.C.T. Full Coach



About Armed Combat and Tactics

Essentially ACT is bringing the concept of MMA to the world of practicing weapon based martial arts.

A.C.T. is about giving the student the tools to handle himself/herself in combat with weapons. Not to merely perform the kata or drills with perfect precision, but rather to actually be able to fight with the weapons taught in the curriculum. Translation? We teach people how to fight with weapons.

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Alex Z

Alex Zhelezniak

A.C.T. founder and chief instructor

Alex has been doing martial arts for more than 20 years. He has some Judo and boxing training, studied Shotokan Karate , trained in Kendo, fencing, and Arnis. He has been doing ACT training for more than 15 years now…

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Noah Gross

A.C.T. co-founder and chief instructor

Noah has been studying martial arts for more than 30 years… Since 2004 Noah has been a part of the formation and development of A.C.T. — Armed Combat and Tactics.

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